VPN Advantages & Benefits

Some computer users are oblivious to the fact that there are different methods of accessing information and files on a network. In most cases, users are familiar of shared files in their office network (via intranet) and accessing information via the internet.   But accessing files through a Virtual Private Network is something that most people are not too familiar with. While there are some who don’t even care what it means, there are others who would be intimidated to know more about advance computer terminologies.

However, VPN is not as complicated as what most people think especially that Microsoft Windows have made its network connection setup more user friendly through a step-by-step guide. In Windows 7 and 8, VPN setup is already native to this operating system where users can simply follow a few easy steps to connect to an already established VPN or setup one in your own pc or server where several registered users can access files and documents in that computer.

But the main reason why Virtual Private Networks are necessary especially in a business environment is its advantage of implementing security and privacy of sensitive data. Yet more recently, it is crucial for personal or home security. It is undeniable that networks, especially those that are connected to the internet, are vulnerable to hacks, viruses, spywares, and data phishing. These security risks can cost millions of damages and financial losses. A breach in data security does not only affect the company itself, but also its clientele and customers. Imagine the information that one company maintains for its thousands or millions of customers. In fact, a data leakage in one of the top global corporations could spell economic disaster.

Hence, a VPN is crucial especially for the continuity of a business. But it is now increasingly necessary for home and personal use such as in accessing banking facilities or when you don’t want your online activities to get tracked. For such situations, a regular Jane or Joe can basically use free VPN services that are offered on the online. These services come with Secured Socket Tunneling Protocol that implements encryption and authentication which can be applied when working on sensitive online transactions such as money transfers and bill payments.

So build a secure home or personal network and have the peace of mind of being protected from fraudulent online activities such as hacking, data phishing, and identity theft. Practice safe online navigation and usage through a virtual private network setup.

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